Annual Report 2013

The following is the various activities conducted during 2013.

Veterans Memorial
159 Bricks were placed for veterans at the memorial.
This past year we had a lot of vandalism at the memorial. Unknown person or persons removed three light fixtures and two underwater lights. Graffiti on the walkways and on the outside walls. Our "gator" was stolen from its secured area on the weekend of July 4th. Due to this, we purchased a used golf cart and had it painted red, white, and blue.

Veterans Activities
MEMORIAL DAY ceremonies were conducted at the Veterans Memorial
Guest speaker: Col. James Fisher, COMO TRA Wing 5
Memorial brick was placed in honor of Chief Robert M. Roy Approx. 300 citizens attended.

4TH OF JULY Military salute at the Veterans Memorial
Guest speaker: Wesley Mease, Hobbs Middle School
Approx. 300 citizens attended.

Guest speaker: Capt Richard Cantone, Retired
The ceremony was followed by our annual Veterans Day cookout. Cookout was sponsored by Santa Rosa County 4-H with the assistance of Santa Rosa Medical Center and our local Wal-Mart employees.
Approx. 2000 citizens attended.

Veterans Assistance
The following projects were completed for the benefit of veterans:

Nathan Henkin Furnishing
William Gunner Plumbing

During the year we helped a sailor from Whiting Field that lost all of his belongings from a house fire which was a total loss. We replaced all of his furnishings from Badcock at a cost of $3860.98. When he received a check from his insurance company he donated $3680.00 back to us.
We helped a veteran replace his plumbing at a cost of $650.00.
We built a wheelchair ramp for another veteran at a cost of $690.57.

Vets to VA
Commenced Vets to VA transportation on November 1, 2012. This service is to provide transportation to and from the VA clinic in Pensacola to needy veterans that have no transportation means. To date, we have 41 riders, provided 254 trips at a cost of $12,838.00.

Submitted by:
Ralph Nesensen
Office Manager/Treasurer