Annual Report 2012

The following is the various activities conducted during 2012.

Veterans Memorial
124 Bricks were placed for veterans at the memorial.
We received sponsorship for a tree and co-sponsorship for our eagle.
Replaced our dying trees and replaced the grass around the memorial.

Veterans Activities
4TH OF JULY Military salute at the Veterans Memorial
Guest speaker: Col. James D. Grace, COMO Training Air Wing Five, NAS Whiting Field.
Approx. 300 citizens attended.

MEMORIAL DAY ceremonies were conducted at the Veterans Memorial
Guest speaker: Col. James Slife, CDR 1st Special Operations Wing, Eglin AFB.
Approx. 250 citizens attended.

Grand Marshals: Disabled veterans, Dustin Tuller and Daniel Palmer
Guest speaker: Brig. Gen. Mike Ferguson, Civilian aid to the Secretary of the Army.
The ceremony was followed by our annual Veterans Day cookout. Cookout was sponsored by Santa Rosa County 4-H with the assistance of Santa Rosa Medical Center and our local Wal-Mart employees.
Approx. 2500 citizens attended.

Veterans Assistance
The following projects were completed for the benefit of veterans:
Re-roofed a house and replaced a window AC unit.
Built two small wheelchair ramps.
Bult one long wheelchair ramp with the assistance of the Ray of Hope Foundation.
Provided a therapeutic hot tub.
Provided a veterans service marker.
Repaired an AC unit.
Provided housing for 3 months for a veteran and his family.

Vets to VA
Commenced Vets to VA transportation on November 1, 2012. This service is to provide transportation to and from the VA clinic in Pensacola to needy veterans that have no transportation means.

Submitted by:
Ralph Nesensen
Office Manager/Treasurer